Friday, November 30, 2012

Geoffrey Rush and his amazing magical unicorn

I’ve learned a lot of things while working in train stations: people don’t like delayed trains, junkies enjoy extremely long chats, there’s a man who walks around Melbourne carrying a giant papier-mâché carrot and, more recently, that Geoffrey Rush catches the train.

It’s not just once I’ve watched Mr Rush walk past me, and it’s not just once that I or my co-workers have failed to take any kind of action.
Yes, he’s touched Johnny Depp. Yes, he knows Colin Firth. Yes, he’s worked with a capuchin monkey. But apparently none of this is reason enough to exert myself by standing up and walking a couple of metres over to him, or to yell ‘OI! RUSH!’. My only real incentive is that it would make a pretty sweet Facebook photo.
The man has an Oscar. Oscar winners don’t catch the train. There are far more appropriate Oscar winner forms of transportation. Namely the unicorn.
Please note that I never claimed I could draw a unicorn.

Also, I still have a BOOK! If you've not yet carressed its pages, get on it HERE.

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Julia said...

Awesome post, loved the unicorn :D