Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I’ve learned in the two weeks I’ve owned a smart phone

1. Smudgy fingerprinty touch screens are not made for people with obsessive compulsive tendencies. I spend more time trying to clean the screen than actually using the phone and have, on more than one occasion, used my knuckle instead of my fingertip to avoid smudges.

2. People who get out of bed at 4am do not benefit from being able to access the current temperature. You would think I’d learn from my mistakes, but I am a curious bastard.

3. Words with Friends should come with a warning about its addictiveness.

4. Words with Friends should come with a warning about its ability to make you want to want to stab a stranger in the face.

5. Words with Friends makes my phone do a vibratey alerty thingy when it’s my turn, and yes, I will wake up and deal with it in the middle of the night.

6. Getting a HTC instead of an iPhone makes nerds think I’m the shizz.

7. Auto correct makes your friends think you're rather odd, and is truly the devil.

8. It’s scary that Google knows where I am at all times. I was already paranoid, I don’t need this.

9. Having access to a decent camera means I will photograph all kinds of pointless crap then put it on Facebook and make my friends look at it.

10. I can’t delete the racist jokes my slightly racist friend sends me on occasion.

11. I can Google things to prove to people that no matter what we’re arguing about, I’m always right. Always.

12. I found out yesterday there are books on there. Actual books. And I’ve even heard of most of them.

13. I don’t care what anyone says, the game Teeter is impossible past level 29.

14. Despite having an addictive personality and zero willpower, I somehow managed to avoid downloading Angry Birds. For now.

15. People make fun of me less now (about my phone, anyway).

16. Seriously. The fingerprints. I’m not coping.

17. I still don’t really know how to use a smart phone.


Julia said...

There are books on your phone? How? But i know how you feel about the fingerprints, they irritate me very muchly

Ozzy Browncoat said...

Words with friends kinda died out quickly for me, must be the fact I only played against one person who gave up after a while...XD

Told you to get a HTC, good choice!

But Auto-correct also leads to the best txts (auto-correct once turned Jedi into Jesus for me...I found that thought process of the phone amusing).

Obviously, the phone is too smart for you...=P But I do know what you mean about the screen.

Lauren Brown said...

I'm really not someone who is good with all these technological shenanigans.

And yes! There are books on there! There's an app called 'Reader' and I went into it and yeah. Books.