Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alternative meal ideas for those who are home alone

2 minute noodles: because using the stove makes you feel like a proper grown up, and this is one of the two things you know how to cook.
Toast: the other thing you know how to cook. 2 minute noodles on toast: combine your skills and wear your genius hat!

Burnt hamburger: you’re happy with this, because you’ve finally gotten over your amazing ability to cook something that’s burnt on the outside and yet raw on the inside. This time it’s just burnt. This is a clear sign that you’re moving up in the world. HINT: try to convince yourself it’s just ‘well done.’ Vegetables that you didn’t heat up for long enough: apparently you need to microwave them for a little bit longer if you don’t want them to still be frozen in the middle.
And remember: ice cream is not just for dessert. It is a welcome addition to anything. ANYTHING.


Julia said...

Your artistic flare for stick figures is very enviable. I love the expression of epic joy on the ice-cream panel.

Lauren Brown said...

That's the same joy ice cream brings to my real face.