Friday, January 6, 2012

The fountain of knowledge


We’re not even a week into 2012 and I can already list for you many, many things that I have learned.

1. Eating chocolate all day while watching episode after episode of Buffy is not good for you.

2. Getting out of the house so you won’t sit on the couch and eat chocolate all day is only a good idea if you don’t meet up with friends for beer and chips. Beer and chips are also not good for you.

3. ABC2 showing Doctor Who every weeknight is amazing.

4. Do not wear this top while sitting outside:

You will end up with leopard print sunburned into your shoulders.

5. If my brother invites me over for a horror movie marathon, he means it. I have never seen so many people get stabbed in one evening/night/early hours of the morning.

6. If my brother invites me over for a horror movie marathon, I will consume many Doritos.

7. If my brother invites me over for a horror movie marathon, I will end up crashing at his house, convinced that a serial killer is hiding in the wardrobe.

8. You shouldn’t let friends take you into a shop that contains shiny things. It will end with you buying a shiny thing.

9. When a co-worker tells you she reckons the customer you swoon over every morning looks a bit like the vampire dude from Twilight, and you say ‘No way, that dude is weird lookin, as if they look alike’, and you then stumble across a picture of the vampire dude from Twilight where they DO look alike… don’t admit this to her. She will give you hell and attain a large amount of pleasure from it.

10. Do not let a friend drag you to the beach when you are not dressed for the beach. Sand in shoes + high winds + more sunburn + jeans were a bad choice + her camera took a photo of you in which your top seemed to magically disappear = cranky.

11. Cranky-ness can easily be eradicated with ice cream.


Julia said...

Ice-cream in large enough dosages can solve everything :D

Suellen said...

Never thought I would say this Lauren, but you are soooo wrong! Buffy and chocolate are never bad for you! What were you thinking?!
(Please don't ever tell Tracey I followed a ? with a !)